Steam generator incl. supply unit (CVE)

Our steam generators are available on request as a ready-to-operate steam boiler plant: CERTUSS steam generator plus CERTUSS supply unit CVE. All components for the water supply and water conditioning of the CERTUSS steam generator are included in the complete steam plant.

CERTUSS Komplettanlage

Your advantages with a complete steam plant

  • The flexible application options for a multiple steam boiler plant ensure greatest efficiency at maximum energy savings.
  • Steam generator including CERTUSS supply unit (CVE) as a ready-to-operate boiler house installation, protected against corrosion on a powder-coated basic frame.
  • The individual elements are laid out to save space and are optimally attuned to each other.
  • Professional installation of all the water, steam, electrical and energy connections in the factory ensures reliable and safe operation of the steam boiler plant.
  • Complete piping from the steam generator to the CERTUSS supply unit CVE including insulation of the feed water tank.
  • The ready-to-use water supply with the CERTUSS supply unit saves time and money through considerable reduction of the mounting work.

The CVE supply unit is compatible with all the CERTUSS steam generators.

In addition to the CERTUSS supply unit as a ready-to-operate boiler house installation on a basic frame, we also offer a complete container installation on request. Depending on the desired steam output a multiple steam boiler plant may be suitable for you.

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