For the long-term preservation of your system

Thoroughly treated feed water is a crucial factor for the functioning, operational reliability, economy and durability of your steam boiler system. This protects pipelines against sediment, rust and silt. Optimum heat transfer is achieved.

We offer accessories and services precisely tailored to your CERTUSS steam system performed by our CERTUSS specialist personnel.

Water analysis for your region

  • You can keep the maintenance costs of your system low by carrying out proper feed water treatment. CERTUSS specialist personnel precisely determine your feed water values using special dosing instruments and reagents.
  • What are the right water values for the long-term preservation of your system? We provide reliable advice on optimizing your feed water quality

Monitoring feed water quality

  • Our Testomat is a tool for automatically controlling and monitoring the water quality of your CERTUSS steam boiler system. It's a tool for you, the operator.
  • Consumable chemicals for dosing feed water can be obtained through your CERTUSS customer service representatives at any time and on short notice.

CERTUSS softening equipment

  • Water softening through ion exchange: Untreated water is fed through a high-performance resin. This resin is capable of exchanging cations or anions. During the softening process, calcium and magnesium ions are absorbed by the exchanger mass and an equivalent amount of exchangeable sodium ions (Na+) are released into the water.
  • The physically limited absorption capacity of the ion exchange resin is limited and is exhausted after a certain amount of untreated water has passed through. Subsequent regeneration of the CERTUSS softening equipment is carried out with a saturated brine.
  • CERTUSS offers three different types softening equipment. Regeneration is carried out either manually, automatically or according to time or volume, depending on the type. CERTUSS softening equipment is ready for operation again after regeneration.

CERTUSS dosing equipment

  • Supplement to the CERTUSS softening equipment: Using CERTUSS dosing equipment, corrosion of the heating system by aggressive gases can be counteracted. Precise dosing of a measurement agent for oxygen binding specially developed for CERTUSS enables long-term corrosion protection.

Chemicals for water softening

  • Consumable chemicals for softening feed water can be obtained through your CERTUSS customer service representatives at any time and on short notice.

CERTUSS feed water tanks

  • Feed water tanks from CERTUSS are designed for the operation of CERTUSS steam generators. We offer stainless steel feed water tanks in five different sizes. They are made of the acid-resistant material 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti for operation with fully desalinated feed water.
  • Also available as pre-installed complete system with CERTUSS CVE water supply unit ready for operation if necessary
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