CERTUSS has been successfully certified according to the ASME code. This is the leading international regulation for the design, manufacture and testing of pressure equipment and pressurized components.



Customer-side building control system from CERTUSS. All signals can be integrated here. See touch control – CERTUSS TC series.



Combustion is carried out with forced air burners for oil or gas ignited by pilot burners. Combined combustion is also possible. The output of the forced air burner is matched to the volume of water fed in. Firing control automats from the Siemens company regulate burner startup. Electric steam generators from CERTUSS are heated by electrical heating rods made of P 250GH or stainless steel.

Control system

A supplementary offering from CERTUSS for steam boilers is the Thermotimat control system. This makes fully automatic operation possible without maintenance personnel. CERTUSS steam generators are started and switched off by a weekly clock timer, a customer-side external pulse from machines or via data transfer, for example. Digital remote maintenance is possible directly over Ethernet switches or, alternatively, using mobile communication interfaces.

CVE – CERTUSS supply unit

Installed complete water supply unit from CERTUSS (CVE), ready for connection. All components included, i.e. boiler feed pump, feed water tank, steam dryer, water conditioning equipment, waste water mixing heat exchanger etc.


Degree of efficiency

Thanks to specialized 3-fold combustion air preheating of CERTUSS steam boilers, an especially high degree of combustion-specific effectiveness of 94% in comparison to other steam generators is achieved or 98% with Economiser and 102% with a second heat exchanger.

Desalination heat exchanger

CERTUSS desalination heat exchangers are used exclusively in CERTUSS steam generators. These units are heat exchangers with a buffer tank which recycle heat from the desalination condensate and heat the feed water in the feed water tank which is to be supplied.


Economizer (flue gas heat exchanger)

With a built-in economizer, the degree of efficiency of the CERTUSS steam boiler comes in at up to 98%, as compared to 94% without an economizer. As the boiler temperature increases, the saturated steam temperature in the water tube boiler rises. Using an economizer, this specific heat output is transferred to the heat exchanger. Either the CERTUSS economizer or CERTECON economizer is required, depending on the steam generator.

Electrical steam boiler

C In addition to oil-, gas- and combination-combustion steam boilers, CERTUSS also offers electrically operated steam boilers in 16 different output sizes. Electric steam generators from CERTUSS are heated by electrical heating rods.

Exhaust gas heat exchanger

See economizer


Feed water

The special design principle of the forced flow boiler from CERTUSS requires a supply line of desalinated feed water in the boiler. CERTUSS offers feed water tanks in five different sizes for the unpressurized operation of CERTUSS steam generators. These tanks are heated up directly via steam injector or using a built-in heating coil.

Firing control automat

Firing control automats from Siemens for oil or gas combustion regulate the startup of the forced air burners in steam boilers from the CERTUSS company.


The ARI fittings installed in CERTUSS steam boilers have represented high quality for more than 60 years.

Flue gas heat exchanger

See Economizer

Forced flow boiler

Forced flow boilers are a special type of water tube boiler where the pressure system is comprised of a heated coiled tube – as is the case with CERTUSS steam boilers – through which the feed water is fed with a piston pump. The evaporation and overheating of the fed water takes place in succession in a single cycle.



CERTUSS steam generators have been tested in accordance with the EC construction standard. Depending on their operating overpressure, they fall into category I, II or III in accordance with European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC. No permit is required for installation or use in Germany up to category III.


The insulation required for other steam boilers has been dispensed with for CERTUSS steam generators. Thanks to 3-fold combustion air preheating from CERTUSS, an insulating "air jacket" is created at the same time. No other insulation materials are required. CERTUSS steam generators do not feel hot to the touch and do not represent a hazard in the working area.


Loos quick-steam generator

In 2009, CERTUSS took over the product area of rapid steam generators from LOOS International.



The steam output of CERTUSS steam generators varies from 8 to 2,000 kg/h, depending on the combustion type and model. See our product overview for more information. For even greater steam output demand of up to 10,000 kg/h, we recommend a multiple system.


Quick-start steam generator

Steam generators and steam boiler systems from CERTUSS are state-of-the-art quick start steam generators with a water tube boiler design. Born out of urgency due to the oil crisis of the 1970s, this energy-efficient technology is still advancing around the world.


Saturated steam

"Saturated steam" is a designation for steam on the threshold between wet steam and hot steam. Rapid steam generators designed by CERTUSS generate high-quality saturated steam. The initially high residual water component in steam is reduced to a minimum through the installation of a superheater or steam dryer.

Spare parts

Spare parts are available for CERTUSS steam generators for a period of 20 years. Please contact our customer service department in this regard.

Steam generators

A term used predominantly by the CERTUSS company. The term steam generators serves to distinguish between large industrial steam boilers and industrial steam generators and refers to the newer and more compact design. Fully automatic steam boiler operation has been a reality at least since the development of the Thermotimat controller.


"Superheater" has the same meaning as "steam dryer." Due to the design of the CERTUSS steam boiler as a forced flow boiler, superheaters are also integrated into the water tube boiler. They reduce the residual water content of the steam.

Supply unit

See CVE – CERTUSS supply unit


TC = Touch Control (CERTUSS model designation TC)

The touch control technology of the TC series from CERTUSS guides the user through all steps of the application in a self-explanatory way using a touch screen. Touch control enables access to additional function of the steam systems and reminds you of maintenance dates and other preventive measures for maintaining operational readiness. Operations, displays, programming and documentation are saved through different levels. Includes an option to connect to the central control system of the operator and to CERTUSS online support as well.


Automatic mechanism for fully automatic control of CERTUSS steam generators.


Water tube boiler

In steam boilers with a water tube boiler design, the water is fed through tubes. Quick steam generators from CERTUSS utilize the design principle of the water tube boiler. Thanks to the minimal water content of the tube, only small volumes of water are heated up, which enables especially fast provision of steam and also has a very positive effect on the operational reliability of the devices.

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