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Electric steam generators from CERTUSS are heated by stainless steel heating rods with a large heating surface. The output of the heating elements is regulated continuously via semiconductor contactors. One energy-efficient advantage is the immediate modulating output adjustment to the actual steam demand during the operating cycle. The heating output can be limited to a 1/3 or 2/3 load by a manually operated output selector switch installed as standard.

For greater steam demand of up to 640 kg/h or fluctuating steam loads, several ELEKTRO steam generators can be cascaded in series. Multiple systems like this are an especially economical solution.

Our compact electric steam systems feature built-in feed water tanks and feed water pumps. They require very little space and have a short heat-up time. Steam systems are also available as a unit with water conditioning equipment installed at the factory.

The stainless steel version of our ELEKTRO steam generators prove their value in the generation of pure steam, among other things.

Economical and powerful
Quick installation, as only waste and supply lines need to be connected by the customer. Cost effective in operation, as the working steam pressure can be continuously regulated.
Compact design saves space
Small electrical steam system with built-in feed water tank and feed water pump is suitable for installation and operation in working areas.
For pure steam generation
All boiler parts of these steam systems which come into contact with water or steam for the generation of pure steam are made of stainless steel.
Elektro — Steam generators
Model E 6 M — E 72 M E 100 M — E 120 M
Steam output 8 — 97 kg/h 135 — 160 kg/h
Heat output 6 — 72 kW 100 — 120 kW
Electrical connection value 6,8 — 73,8 kW 105 — 125 kW
Height / Width / Depth 1.850 / 880 / 680 mm 1.925 / 1.005 / 800 mm
Max. operating pressure 3,5 — 11 bar 5 — 10 bar
Max. perm. overpressure 6 / 10 / 12 bar 6 / 10 / 12 bar
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