Water tube boiler as a rapid steam generator

Especially energy-efficient: With the Junior TC series, full steam output is already achieved 3 minutes after a cold start. Fuel use is modulated from the very beginning. The burner responds to the actual steam demand in real time via electronic combustion management – from off-peak times to peak-load times.

Extremely space-saving: The Junior TC is the little brother of the Universal TC steam boiler from CERTUSS. The same design as forced flow boilers with patented 3-fold air insulation with combustion air preheating offers the same advantages and the same degree of efficiency in a small size: up to 98% with exhaust gas heat exchangers.

The redundancy of a multiple system guarantees maximum reliability thanks to the operating and standby modes of multiple boilers. This solution is also very economical in cases where the steam demand fluctuates. Additional steam output of up to 1,600 kg/h can be achieved with this steam generator by connecting multiple JUNIOR TC units in series. The cascade connection of multiplem small steam boilers is a real alternative to a single large steam boiler with a high steam output.pfleistung.

Efficient & economical
Emission losses remain low thanks to 3-fold air insulation and effective heat recycling with simultaneous preheating of the combustion air
Safe and space-saving
At the steam output generated, and thanks to its vertical design, the JUNIOR TC steam generator can and may be operated in working areas.
No permit required
The water tube boiler principle guarantees high operational reliability. 3-fold air insulation eliminates the need for insulation material completely
Junior TC — Steam generators for gas / oil
  Size I Size II Size III
Steam output 80 — 120 kg/h 150 — 200 kg/h 250 — 400 kg/h
Heat output 53 — 79 kW 99 — 131 kW 164 — 262 kW
Rated thermal input 58 — 87 kW 109 — 145 kW 182 — 291 kW
Height / Width / Depth 1.515 / 730 / 1.295 mm 1.600 / 770 / 1.475 mm 1.850 / 875 / 1.580 mm
Min. / max. operating pressure 6 / 8 — 29 bar 6 / 8 — 29 bar 6 / 8 — 29 bar
Max. perm. overpressure 10 — 32 bar 10 — 32 bar 10 — 32 bar
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