The smart solution for boiler maintenance

With CERTUSS CONNECT, we offer the option of remote maintenance over an encrypted private network (VPN). This enables CERTUSS to keep a reliable eye on your steam boiler system, predictively prevent faults which may occur and make diagnoses via remote maintenance.

Predictive maintenance over VPN (GSM + LAN)

  • Mirroring of the operation of your system
  • Evaluation of data from current steam boiler operation
  • Recording and assessment of operating parameters such as steam output
  • Identification of errors and general support
  • Remote access for troubleshooting and software updates

This enables you to obtain customized support from experienced CERTUSS service technicians anytime. Optimum settings and quick intervention before failures occur. Anomalies are identified more quickly and, in ideal cases, remedied directly via remote access. Downtimes are shortened. Productivity is increased, and both costs and working time can be reduced.

Interested in CERTUSS CONNECT? We would be happy to have our experienced CERTUSS service technicians find a custom-tailored remote maintenance solution for you. Get in touch with your CERTUSS contact partner.

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