Installation permitted in working areas

In accordance with European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU, steam generators from CERTUSS are classified as category I, II, III or IV depending on the operating pressure. They have been type-examination tested in accordance with EC regulations. All models and sizes from CERTUSS are approved for installation in working areas.


The steam generators do not represent a potential hazard in the working area – unlike the large volume of water held by water chamber boilers, only a small amount of water is heated in the coiled tube of CERTUSS steam generators.

Thanks to their vertical design, space-saving installation in operating areas is possible. In areas with limited space, the steam system can also be set up as a container solutionon outside the building.

Oftentimes, no permit is required in Germany

Installation and operation of boilers with a maximum steam output of 850 kg/h do not require a permit in Germany. This includes the smaller sizes of the JUNIOR TC- or UNIVERSAL TC - series steam generators equipped with gas or oil burners and all ELEKTRO steam generators from CERTUSS.

Regular testing

Initial and recurring testing are carried out either by CERTUSS customer service as the qualified person or by an approved inspection agency, such as the German TÜV agency, depending on the steam generator.


  • Initial commissioning is carried out by experienced CERTUSS technical customer service.
  • The steam generators are optimally adjusted to the operating conditions, and the operating personnel is thoroughly trained.
  • The technical values are documented on the device for subsequent tests, including for official institutions like chimney sweeps.
  • This also includes clear marking of the correct measurement points.

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