Quick steam availability

Rapid steam generator technology

  • Full steam output is available no more than 5 minutes after a cold start.
  • CERTUSS steam generators take little time to heat up thanks to their water tube boiler design. The pressure system of the steam generator consists of a heated coiled tube. A much smaller amount of water is heated in a coiled tube compared to the water chamber boiler design, which is energy efficient.
  • Emission losses from the spiral tube are also lower than with conventional water chamber boilers.

Efficiency & economy

Flexible output adjustment – High degree of efficiency

  • Modulating output adjustment from CERTUSS makes steam available during peak-load times just as reliably as in periods with less steam demand.
  • Thanks to its design as a forced flow boiler with electronic combustion management and a pilot burner system, the pressure system of the boiler responds immediately when the steam demand rises or falls during the operating cycle. This saves fuel, as steam is only generated when it is needed.
  • Less fuel is required to heat up the spiral water tube of a rapid steam generator as compared to water chamber boilers. Emission losses are also considerably lower as compared to water chamber boilers.
  • Steam generators from CERTUSS, with their patented 3-fold combustion air preheating, achieve an especially high degree of combustion efficiency. Emission losses are minimized by the 3-fold insulating air jacket.

More information on the high degree of efficiency of CERTUSS steam generators

Vertical design

Easy-maintenance vertical heating system

  • The heating system of all CERTUSS steam generators features a vertical design. This results in even heat transfer to the tube system. With a horizontal design, the inherent thermal lift would obstruct the heating flame.
  • If gas or oil are being combusted, the accumulation of residue like dust etc. is unavoidable. With the vertical tube system from CERTUSS, this residue is carried away in the exhaust gas. It drops to the boiler floor, where it can usually be economically removed by the operator themselves using an effortlessly accessible cleaning opening if necessary.
  • The vertical arrangement from CERTUSS offers the advantage of easy maintenance access. With a horizontal design, there would be deposits on the tubes, and this would have to be cleaned at frequent intervals. The entire horizontal heating system would have to be laboriously extracted for this.
  • If there is a danger of frost, complete emptying of CERTUSS steam generators is ensured thanks to their vertical design.
  • Thanks to their vertical design, CERTUSS steam boilers can be integrated into working areas, taking up especially little space there.

Space-saving solution

Can be installed in working areas or as a container system

  • CERTUSS steam generators take up especially little space thanks to their vertical design.
  • All models from CERTUSS are approved for installation in working areas. A separate boiler house is not required.
  • While boilers of other types (water chamber boilers) require a foundation or platform, CERTUSS steam generators do not need a foundation.
  • Vibration is prevented by elastic assembly attachments.
  • In comparison to other designs, CERTUSS steam generators are considerably quieter in operation.
  • For installation outside working areas on company grounds, we recommend our fully pre-installed mobile steam systems in a container.

Operational reliability

Safe design – No risk of explosion

  • Steam generators from CERTUSS don't get hot to the touch.
  • An insulating air jacket is created by innovative 3-fold air circulation during combustion air preheating. No other insulation measures are required.
  • In CERTUSS steam generators, which use the water tube boiler principle, only a little water circulates through the spiral coiled tube. Unlike the large volume of water held by water chamber boilers – a design used by many other manufacturers – steam generators from CERTUSS cannot explode.
  • A safety valve opens automatically if the pressure is too high.
  • Thanks to their high degree of operational reliability, all CERTUSS models may be installed in working areas. In contrast, the other basic design used by many other manufacturers – the water chamber boiler – comes along with a much greater potential for danger.
  • Some steam generators from CERTUSS do not require a permit.

Information on the installation and approval of CERTUSS steam generators

Optional: Multiple system

A cascade connection as an especially efficient method of operation

  • Greater steam output can be achieved by connecting multiple CERTUSS steam generators in series.
  • A cascade of several steam generators is an economical alternative to a single boiler with a high steam output in cases where the steam demand fluctuates, for example.
  • Using the regulation and diagnostic system, different strategies regarding run time, load distribution and redundancy are run depending on the steam generator.
  • In conjunction with a cascade connection, the modulating output adjustment of CERTUSS steam generators enables highly efficient operation with optimum consideration of load spikes.
  • No standstills during service periods: When maintenance is being performed on one unit, the other units remain in operation.
  • A cascade connection within a multiple system also often makes sense when expanding an existing CERTUSS steam generator.

More information on multiple systems from CERTUSS

Easy to control

Touch-screen operation – Can be integrated into control systems

  • CERTUSS steam generators can be operated with user-friendly touch screens. They can be recognized by CERTUSS product names like UNIVERSAL TC and JUNIOR TC. The abbreviation TC stands for touch control. The menu guidance of steam generators is self explanatory.
  • All steam boiler systems from CERTUSS can be connected to the central control system (CCS) of the operator.

All-steel version

Upon request, available in stainless steel for culinary steam generation

  • Gas- or oil-combustion steam generators are available in rugged all-steel versions from CERTUSS. This also applies for our electrically operated steam generators as standard.
  • Specialized products, such as those in the medical and food industries, require a high level of steam purity. This is why CERTUSS offers a stainless steel version in the ELEKTRO series.
  • When culinary steam is required, only stainless steel is used for water-carrying tubes and connections of the water conditioning and steam generation components of the ELEKTRO steam system.

Certified quality

The latest industry standards

  • As a customer, you benefit from decades of experience in steam generation.
  • High quality standards apply both for in-house production at CERTUSS and for components from renowned companies like Speck and Siemens.
  • Certifications from CERTUSS conforming to European and international standards.
  • All CERTUSS steam generators are type-examination tested in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.
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