Type: quick steam generator

Just switch on! The CERTUSS quick steam generators react promptly. In no more than 5 minutes, the full steam output is ready in the water tube boilers. That's what we call efficient!


All advantages of CERTUSS original high-speed steam generators

Installation conditions

All models and sizes of CERTUSS steam boilers are approved by the EU to be installed in working rooms. Some of the sizes and models are even permit-free.


Safe operation: Installation also possible in workrooms


Optimum firing efficiency of 98 percent (with an economizer) saves money and meets the requirements for an environmentally friendly use of resources.


Innovative combustion air preheating and heat recovery


CERTUSS high-speed steam generators briefly explained in our lexicon - from A as in ASME to W as in water tube boiler.


Glossary on the design of CERTUSS steam generators

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