Ready in a flash – Safe in operation

The CERTUSS water tube boiler design generates saturated steam.

Here, the feed water is fed through the spiral water tube heated by the multi-stage burner by a piston pump. The evaporation and overheating of the fed water takes place in a single cycle. More precisely, the CERTUSS instant steam boiler is a so-called "forced flow boiler."

It's fast, because...

  • With our quick-start steam generators, high-quality saturated steam is available in less than 5 minutes after a cold start.
  • CERTUSS steam generators are original-design rapid steam generators, see Wikipedia
  • In 2009, CERTUSS took over the product area of quick steam generators from LOOS International.

They're safe, because...

  • CERTUSS systems are considerably safer in operation than most systems of other boiler types.
  • Considerably less water is heated in the spiral tube in comparison to water chamber boilers, with their larger volume of water and greater potential for danger.
  • Some steam generators from CERTUSS do not require a permit. Less-restricted conditions regarding installation and operation apply for others.
  • Our boilers don't get hot to the touch. Insulation is provided by 3-fold air circulation during combustion air preheating. No other insulation measures are required during installation.

Note: When you choose a fast steam generator, make sure it's an original-design water tube boiler or forced flow boiler.

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