Helios Clinic Krefeld

For the newly constructed Helios Clinic Krefeld, CERTUSS supplied a multiple system for energy-efficient steam supply. The regular supply of steam is used at the hospital for sterilization processes and for laundry services.

As a facility with more than 1,000 maximum care beds, Clinic Krefeld is an outstanding medical center. At 23 hospitals and four institutions, over 2,000 employees care for more than 100,000 stationary and ambulatory patients annually.

The energy concept for steam generation at the Krefeld hospital included an increase in efficiency and the replacement of two older water chamber boilers. When it came time to choose a new system, the most important factors were efficiency, environmental protection, reliability and user friendliness.

The centerpiece of the new steam system is formed by the energy-saving and efficient steam generation by three CERTUSS steam generators of the UNIVERSAL TC 600 series with the CVE supply unit. By employing the water tube boiler principle, CERTUSS technology offers a high degree of reliability and availability of high-quality steam.

Thanks to its compact design, the complete system could be integrated into the existing building. A separate boiler room was not required.

Equipment of the complete system

A total of 15 CERTUSS steam generators were installed. In addition to the hospital in Krefeld, generators were supplied to locations in Berlin, Erfurt, Herzberg, Schwerin, Borna and Hildesheim.

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