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CERTUSS has been certified successfully in accordance with the ASME Code since 2015. This is the leading code internationally for the design, manufacturing and testing of pressure devices as well as pressurised components.

Automatic steam generators

A term mainly used by CERTUSS. The term automatic steam generator is used to delimit from large industrial steam boilers and steam generators and draws attention to the newer and more compact design. At the latest since the development of the Thermotimat control unit fully automatic steam boiler operation has become reality.

Building services control system

Building service control technology from CERTUSS. All the signals can be integrated in it.

See Touch Control – CERTUSS TC series

Control system

The Thermotimat control unit is offered as supplementary equipment for the steam plants from CERTUSS. This allows fully automatic operation without maintenance personnel. Starting and shutting down of the CERTUSS steam generators is effected, for example via weekly clock timer, a customer-provided external pulse by machines or via data transfer. Remote maintenance is possible digitally via Ethernet switches or alternatively via mobile communication interfaces.

CVE – CERTUSS supply unit

Complete water supply units mounted ready for connection from CERTUSS (CVE). With all components, meaning including boiler feed pump, feed water tank, steam dryer, water conditioning and waste-water mixing heat exchanger, etc.

Degree of efficiency

Through the special 3-fold combustion air preheating at CERTUSS steam boilers a particularly high combustion-specific degree of efficiency of 94 percent compared to other steam generators is achieved, or 98 percent with an Economiser and 102 percent with a second heat exchanger.

Desalination heat exchanger

The CERTUSS desalination heat exchangers are used solely in CERTUSS steam plants. These are heat exchangers with buffer storage. They serve to recycle heat from the desalination condensate and heat up the feed water to be supplied in the feed water tank.

Economiser (exhaust gas heat exchanger)

With a built-in Economiser the degree of efficiency of the CERTUSS steam boilers amounts to 98 percent instead of 94 percent without Economiser. As the boiler pressure increases, the saturated steam temperature in the water tube boiler increases. Through an Economiser this specific heat output can be transferred to the heat medium. Depending on the steam generator the Economiser CERTUSS or the Economiser CERTECON is required.

Electrical steam boiler

In addition to oil, gas or combination combustion steam boilers CERTUSS also offers electrically operated steam boilers in 16 different output levels. Amongst them the E 100 M and E 120 M as the two "large ones" with a steam output of up to 135 or 160 kg/h respectively. The electrical steam generators from CERTUSS are heated by means of electrical heating rods.

Exhaust gas heat exchanger

See Economiser

Feed water

The special design principle of the forced flow boiler requires the supply of desalinated feed water to the boiler at the CERTUSS products. CERTUSS offers feed water tanks in 5 sizes for unpressurized operation of the CERTUSS steam generators. These are heated directly via steam injector or via a built-in heating coil.

Firing control automat

Firing control automat from SIEMENS for oil or gas combustion control the start of the forced-air burners at steam boilers from CERTUSS.


The ARI fittings installed in the rapid steam generators from CERTUSS have been synonymous with quality for more than 60 years.

Flue gas heat exchangers

See Economiser

Forced flow boilers

Water tube boiler with superheater. Forced flow boilers are a special form of the water tube boilers in which the pressure system, as at CERTUSS steam boilers, consists of a heated coiled tube through which the feed water is pumped by means of a piston pump. The evaporation and overheating of the fed water is effected continuously in one pass.


CERTUSS steam generators have been tested in accordance with the EC type examination. They are classified as Category I, II or III depending on the operating overpressure in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/-EC. No permit is required for installation and use in Germany up to Category III.


The insulation required at other steam boilers is not necessary at CERTUSS steam generators. Through the patented 3-fold combustion air preheating at CERTUSS an insulation "air cushion" arises at the same time. Other insulation materials are not required. CERTUSS steam generators do not feel hot and do not form a hazard in the working area.

LOOS rapid steam generators

In 2009 CERTUSS took over the product section of rapid steam generators from LOOS International.

Method of combustion

Combustion is effected by means of forced-air burners for oil or gas ignited with pilot burners. Combination combustion is also possible. The output of the forced-air burners is attuned to the amount of water fed in. Firing control automats of SIEMENS control the burner start. Heating of the electrical steam generators of CERTUSS is effected through electrical heating rods made of P 250GH or stainless steel.


The steam output of the CERTUSS steam generators vary depending of the type of combustion and model between 8 and 1,800 kg/h. See our product overview for more details. If even higher steam output up to 10,000 kg/h is required, a multiple steam boiler plant is recommended.

Pilot burner

Pilot burners serve to ignite the forced-air burners in the rapid steam generators of CERTUSS. Without a pilot burner the immediate provision of steam within 5 minutes after the cold start would not be possible.

Piston pump

The feed water is fed into the coiled tube of the rapid steam generators by means of piston pumps. Here the amount of water corresponds to the steam output and evaporates completely in one pass. CERTUSS rapid steam generators are equipped with Speck triplex piston pumps.

Rapid steam generators

The steam generators and steam boiler plants from CERTUSS are solely modern rapid steam generators in a water tube boiler design. From the necessity arising from the oil crisis of the 1970s this energy-efficient technology continues to gain ground worldwide.

Saturated steam

The term "saturated steam" is used for steam at the threshold between wet steam and hot steam. The rapid steam generators designed by CERTUSS generate high quality saturated steam. The initially high residual water share in the steam is reduced to a minimum by the installation of a superheater or steam dryer.

Spare parts

The spare parts supply for CERTUSS steam generators is ensured for 20 years. Please contact our customer service to this purpose.


"Superheater" is synonymous with "steam dryer". Due to the design of the CERTUSS steam boilers as forced flow boilers superheaters are integrated in the water tube boiler. They ensure a reduction of the residual water contents in the steam.

Supply unit

See CVE – CERTUSS supply unit


Automation unit for fully automatic controlling of the CERTUSS steam generators.

Touch Control – CERTUSS TC series

The Touch Control technology of the TC series from CERTUSS guides the operator self-explanatory via touch screen through all the application steps. Touch Control allows access to supplementary functions of the steam plants and outputs reminders for maintenance dates or for other precautionary measures for maintaining the operational safety. Through various levels operations, displays, programming and documentations are saved. Including connection option to the central control system of the operator as well as to the CERTUSS Online Support.

Water tube boiler

In steam boilers of the water tube boiler type the water runs through tubes. The rapid steam generators from CERTUSS utilize the design principle of the water tube boiler.

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