Spotclean Drycleaners in Uganda

Spotclean Drycleaners offers premium quality chemical cleaning in and around Kampala, Uganda. This includes dress service, washing & folding, curtain and bedspread cleaning, as well as steaming and pressing. When it came time to expand the operation, a CERTUSS steam system was commissioned.

Up until a few years ago, presses with their own small boilers were used at Spotclean in Kampala. The growth of the company suggested investment in new equipment for process automation.

The newly acquired equipment from Europe and the US is operated centrally with steam and compressed air. The JUNIOR steam generator supplied by CERTUSS, with a steam output of up to 350 kg/h, provides enough capacity to supply additional consumers in case of future expansion.

The cold-start time is impressively short and contributes to the overall efficiency of cleaning! The touchscreen menu in English is easy to operate.

Angela Masembe, Managing Director

Equipment of the steam system

  • 1 CERTUSS JUNIOR 350 TC steam generator, oil combustion
  • pre-installed complete system with water conditioning equipment, preheating, clarification and condensation return
  • incl. remote access by CERTUSS technicians for troubleshooting and maintenance
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