"Im Füchschen" brewery in Düsseldorf – 50,000 hl of beer annually

Each year, Im Füchschen brews 50,000 hectoliters of beer. The company's brewing installations run around the clock. This 24-hour operation can only be managed with a single steam boiler thanks to the latest CERTUSS technology. During peak loads, the second steam generator can be switched on in an energy-efficient way.

CERTUSS has been the steam supplier of the Düsseldorf-based brewery for two decades. After renovating the boiler installation area, the old steam boiler with an output of 850 kg/h was replaced with a modern double system with a CERTUSS CVE supply unit and automatic water quality monitoring equipment.


A decisive reason for operating CERTUSS steam generators is their slim and compact design, which is ideal for installation in operating areas. Another reason was the fact that installation did not require approval in Germany. Yet another reason is the material durability of the heating elements, even with complex water conditions.

Since we started using the new system from CERTUSS, operation has been much more convenient for us.

Frank Driewer, Master Brewer
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