"Zum Schlüssel" microbrewery

This Düsseldorf-based brewery is known for its "Original Schlüssel Alt" specialty. Great value is placed on select raw materials and a meticulous brewing process. For 50 years, the company has been using steam boilers from CERTUSS.

At the "Zum Schlüssel" microbrewery, CERTUSS steam generators are used in every part of the brewery. The steam generators serve for wort boiling in the brew house and are used to clean the barrels. The steam generators are also used to generate hot water. Supply is carried out through a well-insulated piping system throughout the entire brewery.

Master brewer Dirk Rouenhoff is highly satisfied with our smooth customer service and is happy to have found a supplier in the region which combines both quality and regional character – CERTUSS.

CERTUSS steam generators have been accompanying me since my training in the beer industry. Ever since, I have always had positive experiences at different breweries with CERTUSS steam generators.

CERTUSS is familiar with the requirements on steam generators at breweries and can optimally adjust its product to their respective needs. Customer service is highly attentive and runs very smoothly.

Dirk Rouenhoff, Master Brewer, Authorized Representative


  • CERTUSS steam generator of the UNIVERSAL series, with natural gas combustion
  • Steam output of up to 500 kg/h
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