Rotkäppchen-Mumm sparkling wine cellar

Rotkäppchen-Mumm is an internationally positioned market leader in the sparkling wine and spirit sector. At the company's location in Eltville – creator of the MM Extra sparkling wine brand – CERTUSS steam is used for sterilization and supply of the CIP (cleaning in place) system.

Over the years, the demand for steam supply in Eltville grew. The company's first CERTUSS steam generator, the UNIVERSAL 850 TC, serves the purposes of sterilization and cleaning processes in the CIP system in conjunction with a Krones heat exchange system.

A double system with two additional UNIVERSAL 850 TC units was installed later on. This system, which outputs a total of 1,700 kg/h, serves the purpose of sterilization steaming of 27 stainless steel tanks of 52,000 liters each. A 290 kW heat exchanger for hot water supply is also connected, e.g. for the dealcoholization system.

Finally, a CERTUSS JUNIOR 300 TC was added. This steam generator operates a flash pasteurizer specially designed for mix drinks.


Complete system

  • All steam generators, including the CVE feed water supply unit, were supplied and installed as a complete system by CERTUSS.
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