Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital in London

The internationally known Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital of the NHS Foundation Trust lies directly on the Thames across from Westminster Palace. On the 7th floor of the hospital, CERTUSS steam is produced to ensure round-the-clock sterilization processes and air humidification.

The steam supply of the sterilization system with a peak load of around 1,600 kg/h also needs to be ensured, as must the provision of steam for frost coils (?) with a peak load of about 2,850 kg/h.

Implementation of the steam system for the London hospital was a great challenge for all involved, not least due to the logistical requirements. The CERTUSS multiple system was installed on the 6th floor of the hospital. All the equipment had to be delivered on a specific day at a specific time so that the steam generators and all the accessories could be lifted by a specialized crane company at the destination location.

The scope of tasks included training the engineers on site by CERTUSS and the annual maintenance of the system by qualified CERTUSS service technicians.

Equipment of the multiple system

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