Steam plant for Accra Brewery, Ghana

For Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) in Ghana, CERTUSS is installing a new steam boiler system for its brewery operations. The task is to replace an older 16-t/h shell boiler with an operationally reliable and energy-efficient plant with a steam output of 16 t/h.

CERTUSS installs a turnkey solution – consisting of a multiple plant with eight UNIVERSAL TC 2000 steam generators and two CERTUSS supply units CVE. Due to its significantly lower water volume compared to the old shell boiler, the new multiple plant has considerably more operational safety.

Both the operator and the employees benefit from this plus in safety. Peak season for Accra Brewery's beers is the Christmas and Easter vacations. On weekends, steam demand is lower than on weekdays. The modular steam boiler system from CERTUSS offers the ideal solution – thanks to its high flexibility during major load changes.

The energy-efficient dual fuel steam system from CERTUSS results in a reduction of fuel consumption (diesel and natural gas). Due to a higher automation rate (BMS, GLT) the control of the plant is more efficient than before.


Equipment of the multiple plant with 16 t/h steam capacity

  • 8 x CERTUSS UNIVERSAL TC 2.000 steam generators, dual fuel (diesel + natural gas)
  • incl. 2 x CERTUSS (water) supply unit CVE
  • complete plant as turnkey installation
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