The type of design makes the difference

The rapid steam generators from CERTUSS are solely water tube boilers. Or put more precisely: forced flow boilers.

The pressure system consists of a heated coiled tube. The feed water is supplied through a piston pump. Within the pipe system of a forced flow boiler the evaporation process of the fed water is not circulating, but rather in one direction. With this design we offer you a safe technology that furthermore convinces through high energy efficiency and high performance.

Flexible adjustment to the steam requirements

Rapid steam generators from CERTUSS adjust flexibly to the required steam output. In this design the amount of feed water fed from the feed water tank into the pipe system corresponds at all times to the actual steam output required for the application.

Patented 3-fold air insulation

Clean combustion air drawn in from above counteracts the trapped heat from the combustion chamber. The air circulates into three chambers (main combustion chamber, inner air insulation, outer air insulation). Further insulation materials become superfluous. CERTUSS steam generators offer a maximum of operational safety and reliability.

Vertical design

The heating system is designed to be vertical at all CERTUSS steam generators. This ensures even heat distribution to the pipe system. In the case of a horizontal type the own thermal lift of the heating flame opposes this.

Residues inevitably arising during the combustion of oil and gas such as dust, etc. are carried away with the exhaust gas at a vertical pipe system. They fall to the boiler bottom. There they can be removed easily as required through an easily accessible opening for cleaning. By contrast, in the case of horizontal heating systems the residues result in deposits on the pipe. There cleaning at short intervals becomes necessary. The horizontal design then makes it necessary to tediously pull out the complete heating system.

The vertical positioning of CERTUSS units offers the further advantage of easily accessible maintenance. In addition, the vertical design makes complete emptying possible if the danger of frost arises.

>> Space-saving installation thanks to the special design

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