Lavera Naturkosmetik, Wennigsen

Contact partner: Mr. Heiko Will, Technical Head

  • How did you become aware of CERTUSS?
    By chance through the purchase of a used system in 1995
  • Which CERTUSS steam generators are currently being used?
    We require a steam capacity of 2,600 kg/h and use 2 CERTUSS Universal 1300 TC steam generators fired with natural gas to this purpose. The double system is fully equipped, amongst others with a Thermotimat full automatic control system, a water conditioner, a CERTUSS CVE battery system and an exhaust gas heat exchanger Rosink ECO SPI
  • For which projects do you mainly use our systems?
    For manufacturing our natural cosmetics
  • Were your expectations with regard to energy efficiency and the potential savings fulfilled?
    Yes, absolutely!
  • Are you satisfied with our service?
    Very satisfied! The Service technician can be contacted at all times
  • Why would you recommend CERTUSS to others?
    The small and light systems with their high steam capacity are very advantageous. They can be set up everywhere without problems. In our case they are set up in the 2nd floor

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