Stüken GmbH & Co. KG, Rinteln

Contact partner: Mr. Manfred Kunze, Head of energy supply

  • How did you become aware of CERTUSS?
    The first steam generator was already installed when activity in steam was started
  • Since when have you been working together with CERTUSS?
    Approx. 1983. Central steam generation since 1986
  • What do you require CERTUSS steam generators for?
    To generate process heat in cleaning systems and plating baths
  • Which boiler types do you use?
    Junior 650 Kombi, Junior 600 Kombi, Junior 600 gas
  • Are you satisfied with CERTUSS and its products?
    We are very satisfied with the products from CERTUSS. Service and support are good.
    We would always buy a CERTUSS steam generator because we assess the products, consultation, processing and service to be good.
    We have been customers since 1986, operate four units and our "oldest" CERTUSS unit has been running trouble-free since 23 years!
  • Why would you recommend CERTUSS steam generators to others?
    Because it is a good product and the service is good!

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