Meyer Menü, Bielefeld

Contact partner: Mr. Thomas Meyer, Managing Director

  • Since when have you been working together with CERTUSS?
    The first CERTUSS steam generator, a 650 natural gas unit, was commissioned on 11/11/1992
  • What do you require CERTUSS steam generators for?
    For the direct and indirect heating of our cooking kettle as well as for the heating of the water reservoir and heating of the rooms through heat exchangers
  • Which boiler types do you use?
    Meyer Menü has 6 boilers at three sites:
    1 x 650 natural gas since 1992,
    1 x 600 natural gas since 1996,
    2 x 600 SC natural gas since 2009,
    2 x 600 SC natural gas, since 2011
  • Are you satisfied with CERTUSS and its products?
    We are very satisfied with the CERTUSS products – which is why we operate a total of six CERTUSS steam generators
  • Why would you recommend CERTUSS steam generators to others?
    Because of their high efficiency, their reliability as well as the competent consulting

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