Reduce CO2 usage and take advantage of subsidies!

When it comes time to optimize your steam boiler system, the German government will subsidize CO2 reduction by up to 40% with a new CERTUSS steam generator! This subsidy is only available in Germany.

Benefit from a subsidy...

  • for small / medium companies, up to 700 € per annually saved metric ton of CO2
     – total subsidy up to 40%
  • for larger companies, up to 500 € per annually saved metric ton of CO2
     – total subsidy up to 30%

What is subsidized?

  • Energy optimization of industrial or commercial systems and processes
  • Replacement of an existing steam generator if the new steam generator from CERTUSS reduces CO2
  • Replacement of individual components
  • Measures for waste heat utilization, e.g. using a new economizer

The subsidy is correspondingly high if your existing boiler is already outdated. In the subsidy application, the current level using the existing energy consumers is contrasted with the target level after the optimization measures are carried out.

Where can grants be obtained? (in Germany)

  • BAFA direct subsidy: The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) provides a subsidy for the "energy-based optimization of systems and processes" – module 4 within the framework of the "German federal subsidy for energy efficiency in commerce". Information on the BAFA website
  • KfW credit with repayment bonus: The cooperative partner is the KfW, with a program of the same name for granting low-interest loans with a repayment bonus of up to 40%. Information on the KfW website

How do I apply? (Germany only)

  • Before planning and carrying out energy optimization measures, we recommend energy consultation by an independent expert with certification in German federal subsidy programs. This consultant will also fill out the subsidy application forms for your company.
  • CERTUSS would also be happy to provide you with energy consultation, forecast your fuel-savings and CO2-reduction potential and refer an independent energy consultant for application submission to you.

When the economic efficiency and energy-based amortization period is assessed by the BAFA or KfW, the investment cost is contrasted with the annual CO2 reduction and energy cost savings.

We would be happy to give you a consultation in advance!

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