Installation exactly where the steam is required

Is the available space in your boiler house limited or do you want to use the installation surfaces more efficiently? Then the compact CERTUSS steam generators are the solution.

Space-saving & safe

  • Thanks to the special design space-saving and safe installation in working areas is possible. A separate boiler house with long pipelines from the steam boiler to the consumer is no longer required.
  • Whereas boilers of other designs (water chamber boilers) require a foundation or pedestal, no foundation is necessary for CERTUSS steam generators.
  • The vertical design is based on physical knowledge and in addition to the reduced space offers the advantage of easy access for maintenance. This can usually be carried out by the owner-operators themselves under reduced costs.
  • The boilers are not a potential hazard in the working area because, in contrast to water chamber boilers with their large water volumes, only a small amount of water is heated up in the coiled tube of the CERTUSS steam generators.
  • CERTUSS steam generators do not become hot thanks to their insulating air chambers. Additional insulation is not required.
  • Quiet operation thanks to noise insulation: Suction noises, as is normally in the case at burners, have been eliminated at CERTUSS steam generators through the type of air routing. Vibrations are avoided through elastic fastening of the aggregate.

>> Container solution for mobile deployment – completely mounted and ready for connection

Installation conditions

  • In accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC the CERTUSS steam generators are classified as Category I, II or III depending on the operating overpressure. They have been tested in accordance with the EC type examination. Installation and operation of boilers with a steam output up to 850 kg/h do not require a permit in Germany.
  • The initial commission is carried out by the experienced technical CERTUSS customer service.
  • The steam generators are adjusted optimally to the operating conditions and the operating personnel is instructed thoroughly. The technical values are documented for future verifications – also for official authorities, for example the flue gas engineer/chimney sweep. This also includes the clear marking of the correct measuring points. Have your offer drawn up for the commissioning process.
  • Initial and recurring tests are to be carried out either by the CERTUSS customer service as a qualified person or by an approved inspection agency such as the TÜV, depending on the steam generator.

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