High energy efficiency – high effectiveness

The energy efficiency of the steam generators from CERTUSS is already visible in the heating-up phase. Full steam output is reached within a maximum of 5 minutes after a cold start. An extremely high degree of efficiency of up to 98 percent at simultaneous usage of an Economiser is achieved through the patented 3-fold combustion air preheating.

Adjustment of the steam output in the operating cycle
  • At almost all applications the steam requirement fluctuates during the course of operation. The pressure system of the steam generators from CERTUSS respond to this. Thanks to the design as a forced flow boiler as well as the electronic combustion management and the pilot burner system, the output is adjusted immediately to the respective application.
  • The modulating output adjustment of CERTUSS makes steam available in peak load times just as reliably as during phases with lower steam requirements.
Energy efficiency through low water volume
  • In the rapid steam generator small water quantities are heated up energy-efficiently.
  • Thanks to the design as water tube boiler the heating up phase is very short. Emission losses from the coil tube are lower than in ordinary water chamber boilers. In them larger volumes have to be heated up that furthermore lose more energy through the water surface.
3-fold combustion air preheating
  • The patented air insulation with heat recycling and preheated combustion air differs from all the other systems and designs.
  • Clean combustion air is drawn in from above. This air counteracts the trapped heat from the combustion chamber. Thanks to the combustion air preheating, a combustion-specific degree of efficiency that is unusually high for steam generators is achieved. The burner cuts in earlier.
  • The air circulates through a 3-chamber system consisting of a main combustion chamber, inner insulation and outer insulation. Emission losses are minimized through the 3-fold air insulation.
Heat recycling through steam dryer
  • Additional recycling of heat is achieved through the steam dryer of the CERTUSS supply unit CVE.
Heat recycling through steam Economiser
  • The highest degree of efficiency is achieved through the additional heat recycling of the flue gas.
  • The gas, oil or combination combustion steam generators from CERTUSS are equipped with high-performance Economisers. Resulting in a degree of efficiency of up to 98 percent.

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