Saving with heat exchangers

Calculate your potential savings with exhaust gas heat exchangers!

  1. Exhaust gas heat exchanger
  2. Desalination heat exchanger
  3. PARCOVAP condensate heat exchanger
  4. Exhaust vapour heat exchanger
  5. Mixing heat exchanger with cooling coil
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Economiser CERTUSS SPI

  • Flue gas heat exchanger for CERTUSS steam generators of the series Junior 500 - 600 SC and Universal 500 - 1800 TC.
  • Using of exhaust gas heat to increase the temperature of the boiler feed water.
  • Reduced burner output under full steam generation.
  • Fuel reduction by up to 5 %.
  • Reduced emissions.
  • Internal energy recycling without external heat consumer.
  • Short amortization period.

Desalination heat exchanger

  • Energy recycling from the desalination condensate to heat feed water.
  • Reduction of the amount of cooling water at steam systems with waste-water cooling.


  • Condensate heat recovery for energy saving of 13%.

Feed water tank

  • With direct or indirect heating.
  • With direct or indirect insulation.
  • Control condensate elevating system optional.

Mixing heat exchanger

  • Wastewater cooling
  • Legally authorized values

  • Feed water
  • Condensate
  • Steam
  • Boiler feed water

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