TC series – operable via touch control

The TC series with intuitively operable touch screen display gives you an innovative control system and remote control of your steam plants.


Simple, self-explanatory operation via a graphical user interface on a 7" touch screen. Start and shutdown automatic systems are supported graphically. All the operating and fault messages as well as service instruction are displayed visually in all the desired languages.

or automatically...

The optional Thermotimat-control unit from CERTUSS allows fully automatic operation free of supervision for 72 hours.

or via remote control

At the TC series remote controlling via a central control system / building services control system or an external pulse is also just as possible as the display and transfer of operating and fault messages via Ethernet, CAN bus or PROFIBUS, as well as remote programming via a GSM modem.

>> Junior TC series with steam outputs of 80 to 400 kg/h
>> Universal TC series with steam outputs of 500 to 1,800 kg/h
>> TC series as a multiple steam boiler plant

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