Rapid steam generator – compact boiler design

Within a maximum of 5 minutes after a cold start CERTUSS steam generators achieve their full steam output. This short heating-up phase gave the boilers of this design their name: These are called rapid steam generators.

Rapid steam generator – general information on design

  • Water tube boiler (instead of shell boiler design)
  • Steam is available within a few minutes after a cold start
  • Small compact steam boiler – with low space requirements
  • Energy efficiency thanks to, among other things, low emission losses and unheated stand-by mode
  • No permit required for operation at pressure devices up to Category III

A further notable advantage of the CERTUSS Steam Generators is the immediate output adjustment to the respective amount of steam required. Meaning that you directly save cash.

>> Information on the special design of the rapid steam generator from CERTUSS

Control system
>> Intuitive and simple to use – for example via touch screens

>> Thanks to compact and safety-oriented design installation in the working area is possible

Energy efficiency
>> Less fuel consumption thanks to the special technology

Energy calculator
>> Calculate your additional savings through a flue-gas heat exchanger

Steam capacity
>> Broad range from 80 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h at multiple steam boiler plants

View inside the steam plant

  • Robust all-steel design
  • Can optionally be equipped with burners for EL heating oil, natural gas, liquid gas or a combination of EL heating oil and natural gas
  • The pilot burner modulating the steam pressure is among the burners on the market that react fastest
  • From the feed water tank the feed water that has been heated up to 90 to 95 °C enters the coiled tube of the heating system
  • Water softening equipment ensures that the water parameters are observed
  • Vertical mounting of the central heating system with low-point clarifying filtration
  • Combustion air intake from above as well as fan supply clean air
  • 3-fold air circulation with integrated heat recycling – the outer shell remains cool
  • Through the steam output steam is made available as required by the application
  • Flue gas exit – the use of an Economiser enables the use of a further form of heat recycling
  • Clarification is carried out through the clarification valve
  • Safety valve opens automatically when the pressure is too high

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