Multiple steam boiler plants for high steam requirements

A multiple steam boiler plant from CERTUSS consists of several steam boilers connected in series plus the CVE supply unit. With a multiple steam boiler plant from CERTUSS you profit from a highly flexible steam supply through cascading. The CERTUSS steam generators interconnected in a steam system act respectively as the lead boiler for the base load or as the standby boiler for peak load periods.


For steam outputs of up to 10,000 kg/h

  • High steam requirements are covered with a multiple steam boiler plant. Whether 2, 3, 4 or more combined boilers depends completely on your requirements for the steam supply.
  • The displays are effected on the touch screen of a selected steam generator. They can be called up at allocated workstations with all the operating functions.

>> Select the steam outputs for your multiple steam boiler plant from the product overview..

Flexibility through cascading

  • Variable distribution of the steam supply to base load boilers and to peak load boilers For example, at a 3-fold plant two steam generators take on the base load. A third one cuts in automatically in the case of peak loads.
  • Thanks to the cascading, the steam system adapts rapidly to the respective requirements..
  • Consequent cut-in of a steam generator that is in standby mode for example during maintenance of an active steam generator. The cut-in boiler acts as the redundancy boiler (reserve boiler).
  • Even load distribution ensures an even distribution of the operating hours per boiler.
  • CERTUSS steam generators can be combined amongst each other, meaning that, for example, boilers of different years of manufacture and sizes can be interconnected and combined with each other.

Efficiency across the entire output range

  • Notable reduction in fuel consumption through automatic changeover between lead boilers and standby boilers.
  • A 4-fold plant with 4 Universal 1000 TC steam generators allows, for example, a maximum steam output of 4,000 kg/h. Whether during periods with full steam output or during phases with less required steam – the flexible output adjustment ensures that the maximum savings in energy is achieved.

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