Electric steam generators E 6 M - E 72 M

The electrical steam generators E 6 M - E 72 M from CERTUSS offer you impressive output in 14 different output sizes. They are compact, economical and have a high output. All electrical versions do not require a permit for installation and use in Germany.

Electrical heating rods

Steam output
8 – 97 kg/h

Type E 6 M – E 72 M
Heating Electric
Steam capacity kg/h 8 – 97
Heating capacity kW 6 – 72
Height / Width / Depth mm 1850 / 880 /680
Optional Stainless steel version

We reserve the right to make modifications

The compact: E 6 M – E 72 M

  • In 14 different output sizes.
  • Easy-to-service compact device – easy to operate.
  • Direct access to all parts from the front for easy maintenance.
  • Fully electronic pressure and output control, immediate load adjustment.
  • Function and malfunction indications can be linked to central control system / building services control system provided by customer.
  • Low space requirement, reduced and robust heavy-duty model in elegant design.
  • Fully automatic operation by means of time control or remote pulse (optional).
  • Automatic clarification and desalination (optional).

CERTUSS E: All the advantages offered by CERTUSS technology

  • Low space requirement through upright design, like all CERTUSS steam generators.
  • Series production.
  • Installation in workspaces permitted.
  • Fits through all standard doors.
  • Only a few minutes heat-up time.
  • Immediate load adjustment.
  • Fully automatic operation with time switch or via remote pulse (with supplementary equipment).
  • Electric heating rods made of P 250GH or stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel version of all boiler parts coming into contact with water and steam for pure steam generation possible.
  • Function and malfunction indications can be transferred to PLC/central control system provided by customer.
  • Optionally with supply unit for water conditioning.
  • No permit required for installation and use in Germany.
  • Competent customer service and exemplary spare part provision.

Technical data

Elektro E 6-72M
Electrical E 6-72M
Product overview
Product overview

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