CERTUSS steam for Stannecker frozen food

For more than 20 years, Stannecker GmbH in Ortenburg has been a loyal CERTUSS customer. This leading provider of frozen food brand-name products across Germany uses steam for its cooking boilers, blanching equipment, hot water conditioning equipment and crate washing system.

While upgrading an existing JUNIOR 600 steam generator with the new UNIVERSAL 850 TC, it quickly became apparent that the UNIVERSAL TC would be able to supply all production needs on its own thanks to its better output adjustment.

This was surprising to the operator and very gratifying. Oil consumption also dropped noticeably. This fuel savings can be credited to innovative modulating output from CERTUSS. The CERTUSS JUNIOR 600 now serves as a reserve boiler.

Steam generators like this fit through every door and do not require inspection by the German TÜV inspection agency. We're highly satisfied with our systems from CERTUSS and the customer service staff's quick willingness to help.

Stefan Feyerabend, Technical Head


The electronic combustion management and pilot flame system (gas burner) enable immediate output adjustment to the respective stream demand which saves energy, and therefore money. CERTUSS steam generators are compatible with other CERTUSS boilers in terms of regulation, regardless of the combustion type, making upgrading easier.

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