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Contact partner: Mr. Dirk Rouenhoff, Master Brewer

  • How did you become aware of CERTUSS?
    CERTUSS steam generators have been a companion since my apprenticeship in the beer branch. Since then I have worked in different breweries with CERTUSS steam generators and my experience has always been positive
  • Since when have you been working together with CERTUSS?
    Since 1971
  • What do you require CERTUSS rapid steam generators for?
    We use CERTUSS steam generators in the complete brewery field. The generators supply the wort boiling in the brewhouse, the hot water generation and the barrel cleaning. Supplying is carried out through a well-insulated piping system through the entire brewery
  • Which boiler types do you use?
    500 S natural gas
  • Are you satisfied with CERTUSS and its products?
    CERTUSS are familiar with the requirements placed on a steam generator in a brewery and can thus adapt it optimally to the needs. The Customer Service is service-oriented and is faultlessly good
  • Do you have suggestions for any improvements?
    No, the systems and the Service are perfect as they are
  • Why would you recommend CERTUSS rapid steam generators to others?
    Because the overall package represents a good solution for breweries of our size. In addition we believe it is always good to work with companies from the region whenever we can. When quality and regionality are combined, the result is excellent

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