Ulrich Otten Textilreinigung, Krefeld

Contact partner: Mr. Ulrich Otten, owner

  • How long have you been working with CERTUSS steam generators in your company?
    Since 16/03/1971, the day I founded my company
  • How long did you operate your first boiler?
    The steam generator ran well until 1996, i.e. 25 years.
    In 1996 this steam generator was replaced by a CERTUSS Junior 150 S, a new series with suction shell.
    I remember it particularly well, because it was a jubilee boiler with the Manufacturer Number 10000
  • How was your experience with the "new" one?
    This boiler also functioned perfectly. With the added benefit that the new one saved more than 10 percent energy compared to the old boiler
  • In 2002 you replaced this steam generator by a CERTUSS Junior 200 SC of the latest design with CERTOMAT.
    Yes, it wouldn't really have been necessary, but it made me so-to-speak an outpost of the CERTUSS Development department
  • Why?
    It was one of the first boilers of the series with CERTOMAT that displays the operating state in plain text in the display. At this steam generator CERTUSS tested further innovations such as remote monitoring via phone modem and flow sensor for starting up without starting-pressure valve
  • We are grateful to you that we were able to test innovations under operating conditions in your company! The replaced steam generator of 1996 is still doing service in another company, by the way. How do you assess the innovations in the operation of your steam generator?
    I can only say that CERTUSS had some really good ideas again.
    The steam generator operates excellently and reliably. In the last years I was able to take longer leave regularly without having a bad feeling. My employees have no problems with the easy boiler operation
  • How satisfied are you with the CERTUSS Customer Service?
    I only needed the Customer Service seldom. But when it was necessary, I was not left alone. The steam generator has not failed its service once in all the years
  • How would you sum up your experience with CERTUSS?
    CERTUSS steam generators have contributed towards the success of my company to this very day

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