Hotel Traube, Tonbach in Baiersbronn

5-star hotel with 3-Michelin-star restaurant

Contact partner: Mr. Andreas Böhme, house technician

  • How did you become aware of CERTUSS?
    Through our planning office Liebels in Baiersbronn
  • Since when have you been working together with CERTUSS?
    Since 2003
  • What do you require CERTUSS steam generators for?
    For our internal laundry and dry cleaners
  • For which projects do you mainly use our systems?
    For the complete laundry in our house
  • Which boiler types do you use?
    500 S Kombi
  • Why would you recommend CERTUSS steam generators to others?
    I would like to emphasize the rapid dispatch of the Customer Service technicians here

Do you have any unanswered questions or wishes?

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