Steam, the specialist for specialists

Our steam boilers are found wherever steam is used professionally. Thanks to their design they furthermore require hardly any space. Fitting for your individual requirements we offer you a wide range of output levels – as multiple steam boiler plants with steam outputs of up to 10,000 kg/h.

Steam from CERTUSS…

  • de-ices ship accessories in the Arctic
  • degreases car bodies
  • ensures environmentally friendly processes in the laundry of a 5-star hotel in Dubai
  • sterilizes medical devices
  • is used in the production of beer and alcoholic spirits…

… these are just some examples for the endless range of applications of our steam boilers.

The customer base of CERTUSS includes internationally renowned companies from a wide range of branches. Steam boilers from CERTUSS support production in the textile, food, chemical and pharmaceuticals industries. In laundries and dry cleaners, breweries and dairy plants, steam is an indispensable energy source.

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